Getting Acquainted with a Stamp Collection Album

In order to become an avid philatelist, you will need quality stamp collection album. Basically speaking, a stamp album is a book in which one can store and display one’s vast collection of postage stamps. The book in question is typically loose-leafed in order to make room for expansion and accommodate ever-growing postage stamp collection. All of the philatelists (what a stamp collector is called), both in the past and today, begin with an album of their own first. Even the most renowned philatelists cannot enjoy and display their collection without an album. It is the most common practice of preserving the postage stamps which is accepted universally.

The amount of albums a collector possesses characterizes the size of his or her collection…

A stamp collection album is arranged in accordance with an owner’s taste and preferences, thus the appearance of an album is different from one owner to the other—in some cases where there are multiple albums belonging to one person, the arrangement style among those albums could be different. In the past, when digital printing technique has yet to be invented, a stamp album is created through the use of pen and ink. Today, software for page layout works in tandem with digital printers to give even the most hardcore philatelists a chance to come up with their own custom stamp album.

The “V.R.” stamp collection album from Stanley Gibbons was among the first to be published, back in the 1870s. The line was then succeeded by “Improved” and “Imperial”, the latter of which was produced with illustration. Today’s most popular makers include White Ace, Scott, Palo, Lindner, Leuchturm, and Safe. It is common to see one collector sticking with one brand once he or she has decided to use it.

This commitment toward one brand seems to stem from the fact that one maker would usually updates annually for the entire collection of stamps released in a year…

In early days of stamp album, a stamp was adhered to the album pages, either using the stamp’s own gum or with glue. This would be proven less favored practice as it damaged both the stamp and the pages. Stamp mounts was introduced during the second half of the 20th century. This method allows a user to stick a stamp between two layers of plastic. Soon, this would be the most prevalent practice in collecting stamps throughout the world.

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