Value of Collecting Postage Stamps

Value of Collecting Postage Stamps

Collecting postal stamps is not your typical hobby. It takes patience and consistency to be able to come up with a stamp collection that is sure to leave those who see it in awe. You need to be patient because some of the best stamps are so rare it might take you a decade to get them.

Consistency is highly required because of the time it takes to complete a collection. Get sidetracked for example playing poker in, and odds are you will not be able to get what you wish for. As mentioned earlier, collecting stamps is not a cup of tea anyone can enjoy.

That is why is here. We are more than happy to lend you a hand so you can achieve what becomes your target with the fullest consistency and utmost patience. We help you in various ways, for example:

1. It is through our blog that you can gather information on where to get the stamps to add to your collection. Looking for the stamps on your own is commendable act but things will be very much simplified if you know where you can start looking for some.

2. We provides you with information of price and perhaps discounts available for each and every piece of stamps you probably love to buy.

3. We offers you insights to procurement of stamps whose origin is different from your country.

4. We gives you tips and tricks on how to handle your collection, treat them properly, and manage your album to best preserve the collection it holds.

5. We guides you even in the most basic things such as how to stick the stamps to the album or how to remove some of them off the album.

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In order to become an avid stamp collector, you will require a sizeable amount of guide and proper handling. Our blog provides all manners of tips and tricks that you can try to apply to enjoy your hobby furthermore.

Tips to Take Care of Your Stamps
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Tips to Take Care of Your Stamps

For those who love to collect stamps, you should feel how precious your collections are. It is important to keep them in the best condition in order to maintain their quality and values. If you already commit to take care of your stamps, you need to take one step further to protect your collection. In this article, we will mention provide some information about the things that a philatelist need to be aware of.
Some of the factors that will affect the quality of the stamps are:
Light: it is widely known that exposure to the sunlight for too long can damage paintings, upholstery and other dyed or printed materials. This rule also applies to stamps. Too much sunlight will cause cracking, yellowing, color changes, and fading. To avoid this damage, try to minimize unnecessary sunlight exposure to your stamps.
Temperature: excessive low or high temperature and frequent shifts from extremes may damage stamps. Temperature shifts cause certain type of materials to contract or expand and accelerate deterioration. Some places that should be avoided to store your stamps are garage, basement, attic, or other areas where the temperatures can fall outside the range of 72 to 65 Fahrenheit.
Humidity: this is the most important factor that you should pay attention to, especially if you store your stamps at home. Humidity can wildly vary, which can cause mildew growth, warping, and mold. These conditions can seriously affect your collection value. You can try to install dehumidifier or humidifier to maintain the moisture level.
Those are some of the things that you need to pay attention if you want to take a good care of your stamps. And bettor of the also do the same thing. There are still other things you need to be aware of, but those three mentioned above are the main factors that will affect the quality of your stamps.


Stamp Collection – Is It Just a Hobby?
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Stamp Collection – Is It Just a Hobby?

Stamp collecting might seem to be an activity which is less popular than the other hobbies today. However, this kind of hobby is the one that will be a very exciting hobby that few people will still have today. Some people might not really know what those stamp collectors will enjoy by collecting those stamps. However, every collector has their own satisfaction to collect a certain version of the stamp.

This is what every collector for a different item will also find when have a certain model of the type of collection of the item they are collecting. Moreover, this hobby can be more than just a hobby. It can also be a good investment especially for those who really love stamp. It needs you to really know what to collect so that you can earn a big income from this stamp. It needs you to know what to do and how to join the auction so that you can find the buyer that will give their money for the stamp with the high value.

If you are starting to think about collecting stamp as the part of the investment together by still enjoying what you do, there will be more things that you should know about stamp collection.

Investment or Hobby?
One important thing about stamp collection and some other hobbies to collect the exclusive thing, you will find it can be the hobby that will let you earn money. However, you need to know about the stamp better as you cannot just collect any stamp. It is important to consider many more things about stamp and to know what those factors that make the stamp is valued high.

stamp Investment

It is also important for you to know those things that you should do in the beginning such as looking for the stamps via online. Today’s technology with internet will help you make it easier to do. You can just find the website that will help you get the stamp collection by visiting the public auction. Those are just some of many more things that you can do if you are interested in collecting stamp.

Although it seems to be the hobby that is not really enjoyed by most people, there actually more people start to do this hobby, especially in China. The latest news stated that the China’s stamp index has reached $ 7 million. Moreover, the two third of the collector for the stamp is in Asia. It shows an increase for the number of the stamp collector in the world that indicates that stamp collection is still the hobby that people do today especially among the hobby with the latest technology such as smartphone and some other hobbies that emerge because of the advance in technology.

Above all, there is also amazing fact about stamp collection as a hobby that will also be a good investment. There have been 5 stamps with an amazing price that has been sold in an auction in which the highest price for a stamp is at $9.5 million for British Guiana One-Cent Magenta in 2014. It shows how stamp collection can be a prospective hobby.

The Little Thing that Everyone Needs to Keep in Mind when Collecting Stamps
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The Little Thing that Everyone Needs to Keep in Mind when Collecting Stamps

Philately is not for everyone’s cup. It is quite the same with every other hobby ever invented on this planet, like playing at it takes patience, persistence, and commitment to fully enjoy the activity.

But stamp collection is an exceptional hobby, in itself. Patience is cranked up many notches when it comes to collecting stamps. At times, one will even have to wait for years to stumble upon the one postal stamp that is truly unique, rare, and one of a kind.

Let yourself stray off the track for a minute and you will miss out on an opportunity to collect probably the best addition to your collection.

But philately is so much more than diligence in collecting postal stamps. You would be required to have proper knowledge on how to handle every piece so they do not degrade, reducing their values as collectibles.

You cannot simply slap all the postal stamps you have obtained on a book. They require special albums to adhere to, the kind of albums that come with plastic sheets for protection against humidity and moisture.

Stamp collection book

Keep in mind that after you place the postal stamps in the albums, you should not remove any of them because the act of peeling the stamps off the sheets might cause damage on their surface.

Some of the knowledge about stamp collecting are discussed openly either online or in real life among fellow philatelists. Some other are obtained through practices and experiences.

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There are books that discuss all the things related to stamp collecting as an activity as well as a hobby. But all information can only do so much; the real deal is when you put those bits of information into use. Extra carefulness is highly required to deal with stamp collections and to ensure your collection’s longevity in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Stamp Auction
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Pros and Cons of Stamp Auction

For those who want to sell their stamps, choosing stamp auction can be a great selling method. There are a lot of auction method available, such as online auction and in-person auction.

Many companies such as hold sales regularly, both smaller and bigger companies. In this article, we will describe the benefits and limitations of auction for stamps for any newbie out there.

The limitations and benefits of stamp auction are described on the list below.

• English auction method: better known as open sale, this method is usually used by a lot of companies to sell scarce and rare stamps that probably will not come up again for sale for years. The minimum opening price begins the bidding. The sale price is the final bid offered. It may ignites emotional allure to win the stamps compared to other methods due to the rarity of the stamps auctioned with this method.

• Auction for stamps really depend on the bidders to push for higher price. Thus, many variance exist in the realized prices. Almost similar to the online auctions, auctions in persons may result in the stamp being sold with lesser or higher value than its actual value. For the longer run it may averages out. However, if you only sell several items, it may hit or miss for you. You can both experience the biggest loss or profit.

Stamp Auction Bidder

• It may takes time before you receive your money. After you sent the stamps to the auction house, the house needs to determine and describe your stamps or collection, which takes more time because you are not the only one who submit your stamps. Without any delays, the process usually takes around a month or more. After you stamps are sold, they will need around 45-90 days to send the payments out, depends on the terms and conditions.

• Both seller and buyer has to pay for the fees. The standard fee for the industry is around 15% on both parties. It will go to the auction houses. For example, if a buyer win by 100 dollars bidding, he or she needs to pay 115 dollars to the auction house. The seller will receive 85 dollars, and the auction house will get 30 dollars from the auction process.

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• The biggest benefit of auctioning your stamp is it is only require little time and effort from you. The auction house will take the stamps or stamps collection and determine the contents. They will decide the most suitable way to sell your stamps, market the stamp sale, send it to the bidder, and send you the check. By auctioning, you will be able to sell your collection without too much efforts.

The list above already explain about some of the advantages and disadvantages of stamp auction. For those who have rare stamps or simply want to sell the stamps with less effort, this method may be a good choice for you. If you cannot wait for your money to come to you, then this may not be the best method.

Determining Stamp Collecting Values
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Determining Stamp Collecting Values

Determining the worth of a single stamp or stamp collecting values should not be too difficult. You can get the general gist of the values by using several rules of thumb. However, this method only helps to determine the one that has less value, while to identify the more valuable one needs more efforts.

It can takes a lot of years to gain expertise in stamp collecting field. It is because determining stamps requires experience, knowledge, and extensive research. There are a lot of information about the stamps that you need to learn, but it is not easy to use of find.

Stamp Collecting Values

The value of a stamp is very dependent on the condition, but a lot of stamps are altered intentionally to give a better look. To identify this correctly, advanced experience is needed.

There are a lot of subjective variables but the way to adjust the price of a rare stamps appropriately are heavily dependent to the condition and centering. In this article, we will give brief information for any newbie out there.

The general rules for stamp collecting values can be read on the following list below:
• A mint stamp printed by US postage in the last seventy years with original gum, is actually less valuable than the face value. You can use this type of stamp for postage without too much worry. All stamps released after civil war in US can be used for postage.
• The used stamps released by US postage for the last seventy years are not worth anything.
• Stamps albums designed for beginners or children are mostly worth very low.
• Stamps album, which are filled sparsely, are mostly worth very low.
• A collection of loose used ones are mostly worth very low.

Collecting Stamp
• Any stamps with certain faults (thinks, tears, and creases) are worth far below those which are in perfect state. Condition is basically everything among collectibles, especially for stamps. The price of a 100 dollars stamp may lose its worth up to 10 dollars only if tears, creases, and things are exist.
• Modern stamps are less worthy than earlier stamps.
• Used stamps are worth less than mint stamps with authentic gum.

It will not be enough to find out stamp collecting values to get the rare and better stamps for your collections. Selective check to several individual stamps is needed to grasp the general gist of collection’s quality.

Smaller collections of flawless stamps can worth a lot of more than similar stamps with bad condition. You need to check the stamps condition before deciding the worth of a collection.

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For a single stamp, a lot of factors play in its value. But the main factors are demand and supply. A lot of rare stamps has no value because of no demands. But for rare stamps with high demands, the value will rise up to million dollars.

To sum up, determining the value of a stamps or stamp collection really depends on the condition, supply and demand. Extensive research, experience, and knowledge are needed to determine the worth.

Getting Acquainted with a Stamp Collection Album
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Getting Acquainted with a Stamp Collection Album

In order to become an avid philatelist, you will need quality stamp collection album. Basically speaking, a stamp album is a book in which one can store and display one’s vast collection of postage stamps. The book in question is typically loose-leafed in order to make room for expansion and accommodate ever-growing postage stamp collection. All of the philatelists (what a stamp collector is called), both in the past and today, begin with an album of their own first. Even the most renowned philatelists cannot enjoy and display their collection without an album. It is the most common practice of preserving the postage stamps which is accepted universally.

The amount of albums a collector possesses characterizes the size of his or her collection…

A stamp collection album is arranged in accordance with an owner’s taste and preferences, thus the appearance of an album is different from one owner to the other—in some cases where there are multiple albums belonging to one person, the arrangement style among those albums could be different. In the past, when digital printing technique has yet to be invented, a stamp album is created through the use of pen and ink. Today, software for page layout works in tandem with digital printers to give even the most hardcore philatelists a chance to come up with their own custom stamp album.

The “V.R.” stamp collection album from Stanley Gibbons was among the first to be published, back in the 1870s. The line was then succeeded by “Improved” and “Imperial”, the latter of which was produced with illustration. Today’s most popular makers include White Ace, Scott, Palo, Lindner, Leuchturm, and Safe. It is common to see one collector sticking with one brand once he or she has decided to use it.

This commitment toward one brand seems to stem from the fact that one maker would usually updates annually for the entire collection of stamps released in a year…

In early days of stamp album, a stamp was adhered to the album pages, either using the stamp’s own gum or with glue. This would be proven less favored practice as it damaged both the stamp and the pages. Stamp mounts was introduced during the second half of the 20th century. This method allows a user to stick a stamp between two layers of plastic. Soon, this would be the most prevalent practice in collecting stamps throughout the world.

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